Kaltonga: The Government must continue it’s role

The 1st PA to the Prime Ministers Office has made a statement on Yumi Toktok Stret concerning the current political instability which is continuing in Vanuatu.

Mr. Richard Kaltonga from the PM’s Office has said the PM is appointing new Ministers to the positions vacated by some of his former Ministers who were involved in the bribery case and and are currently in jail.

Mr. Kaltonga continues that the PM has met the opposition leaders and is still awaiting their responses on the offer he has extended.

Mr. Kaltonga continues to say the PM has also met the President over the dissolution issue but that the President had met the opposition earlier  and did tell the President that they do have the numbers for a motion of no confidence on the PM.

The Prime Ministers Office also asked that members of the social media group YTS must check their facts before posting and making comments.

Mr. Kaltonga and his grouping now follow YTS closely and are very active to disseminate information to the public via YTS platforms on social media.