The Vanuatu Karate Federation with the support of Van2017 organized an inaugural Karate Referees Training session through tele-conferencing in order to have available qualified people as referees for matches during the Pacific Mini Games to be held from 4 to 15 December this year. The Vanuatu Karate Federation prides itself on successfully initiating a strategy for meeting one of its goals in enabling the Ni-Vanuatu people to own the Pacific Mini Games and to improve sport standards during and after the Games.

“This is a first as each time a Karate competition is organized referees have to come from other countries such as New Caledonia or Fiji to run the bouts as we do not have certified referees in Vanuatu,” said Jack Manuel, Sport Competition Manager (SCM) for the Vanuatu Karate Federation. “However, thanks to the Van2017 and the Vanuatu Karate Federation, the 18th March, training is a step closer to the realization of a long time dream of all Karate lovers and practitioners.”

The tele-conference was provided as an introduction with more practical trainings yet to be carried out in order for referees to get their badges or qualifications.

A representative of each of the three karate styles in Vanuatu attended the tele-conference training.

In attendance were Mr John Louis from Shotokan, Mr Marcel Yawiko from Shito Ryu and Mr Paul Henry Yauko from Shito Ryu, all of whom have been international and national champions, had very good experiences as trainers, coaches, competitors and have full karate qualifications.

The first part of this training involves a lecture followed by a written exam finishing off with a practical assessment.

As this is only the introduction, the participants will have to attend further training in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia later this year to get their referee badges and become Pacific referees and Oceania referees.

Currently our hopes are high and we are looking forward to having at least 3 Vanuatu Karate referees available during the 2017 Pacific Mini Games and who will be available in the future whenever we want to organize a competition.

More information can be found on the Van2017 website.