Kassav Concert will cost Government VT17M

Sources inside Vanuatu Government have affirmed that the Kassav Concert will cost the Vanuatu Government around VT17m

The 17m is funded from the PMs Office budget as VBTC do not have the budget for a show this big.

Logistics and accommodation are also added in plus duty exemption which is around VT5m for the sound system, lighting and other equipment required for the Concert.

The source has also revealed that there is no allocated budget for the concert and all ticketing proceeds will go directly to VBTC.

The Catch a Fyha concert organized in July by VBTC this year was a loss and it is hoped the Kassav concert will do better as public funds are being used as finance.

When asked why the Vanuatu Government feels it is important to finance the Kassav Show, the source replied he does not know why as there was never a reason to finance such a massive band with public funds.

VBTC is statutory body directly under the Prime Ministers Office.

The source did suggest that the concert should be free to everyone as it is funded by the Vanuatu Government and it is Tax Payer money that funds the Government.

YTS News asked the source that whether the Government thought about its own regulations as the normal rule is any amount being spent by the Vanuatu Government that exceeds 5 million must be tendered; the source replied that this is also another worry.