Kenneth Natapei nominated for Port Vila By-Election 2015

Late Port Vila MP Natapei’s seat will be contested sometimes in October this year and the electoral commission has yet to announce the date.

The Chairman of the Port Vila VP Region, Benjamin Narae has asked all the Port Vila executive members to go back to their chairman’s and prepare their nominations before Monday, the 23rd of August 2015”

Meanwhile the Opposition block has met over the issue and have agreed to stand behind the Port Vila candidate nominated by Port Vila VP Councillors and Youths. The Youths have nominated late Natapei’s son Kenneth Natapei to complete the term held by his father.

Port Vila Youths have silently rallied for this to happen after Natapei’s burial in Futuna and have done a lot of ground work. UMP have given their blessings to this nomination and though there is process yet to come, the nomination of Kenneth Natapei will be widely a huge success for Youths in Port Vila.

VP and the opposition bloc including GJP, MPP, NUP, RMC and UMP in the Government side will receive credit for allowing youths to take the seat and have been receiving a lot of praise for supporting their nomination. Though the nominations have not yet been announced it is widely felt by the young VP politicians, that the vacant seat must go back to Natapei son as a token of respect before 2016 and it seem’s the young VP politicians have already won support from the countries biggest political party’s.

Though the VP Port Vila region will nominate the candidate in a democratic manner, it seems the Port Vila Youths will for the first time through the leadership of VP and the opposition bloc including GJP, and UMP now look to have their own young MP inside the Parliament.

Wide spread support has also come from Luganville town with the charismatic HOPE MP and Luganville MP, Kalvao Moli saying, “My counselor inside the Port Vila Municipal Council will support young Natapei”

Kenneth Natapei is also backed by Yumi Toktok Stret to which his father was very instrumental in setting up and his father has a huge following inside YTS.

Kenneth Natapei is the keyboardist for Stand and the Earth Force, and is also keyboardist for the Kross Rod Band and also plays Cricket and has been a very silent pillar to his father’s work in politics.