Konekt Pacific has made it compulsory for all their SWP workers to register for a bank account with NBV before leaving for work in Australia.

The policy is now effective and NBV has also starting financial literacy workshops with the SWP workers and has also registered 34 accounts after the first awareness program.

Preliminary discussions have been initiated between Konekt Pacific, Jester Silas, and Oliver Joshua from NBV to see how they can support workers with banking facilities and access in Australia.

There is a wide interest from Konekt Pacific to have their workers sign up for the NBV MasterCard services as well as this also allows workers to transfer cash to their savings accounts and save on fees.

The NBV correspondence bank in Australia is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the NBV officers say ‘there is a possibility for savings account for NBV to be opened with the CBA’

An individual savings accounts with CBA can also transfer money into savings accounts here in Vanuatu without huge fees.

Konekt Pacific has also requested that NBV look to possibilities for employers in Australia to pay wages to NBV accounts with CBA.

‘if the NBV thinks this is possible, we will directly meet the farms to discuss paying wages into the NBV/CBA accounts’ say Konekt Pacific management.

It is understood that all Konekt Pacific SWP workers already in Australia and current SWP workers in Vanuatu about to leave will all register and open a savings account with NBV.