Korean Accused of Stealing VT29 Million from BelAir back in Vanuatu

A Korean by the name of Gil-Yoon Jang is back in Vanuatu after hiding from Belair owners Willie Ben Karie for nearly 10 years.

Willie Ben Karie confirmed that he paid VT29 million in 2011 for a small cruise ship from GIL JANG YOON and his partner Greg KO SEOK BAE but they never delivered him his ship and fled Vanuatu with the money.

After paying them the money, Mr. Karie arrived in Busan Korea in 2011 to view the ship and was taken by Mr. GIL to a boatyard and was shown a ship that Mr. Karie later realized belonged to someone else.

GIL JANG YOON hid from Mr. Karie for over 10 years at the same time operating a car business in Vanuatu and also going in and out of Vanuatu as they please.

The Belair owner reported the incident to the Vanuatu Police back in 2011 but the Police were not able to deal with the issue at the time as the Korean left Vanuatu and the case went dead whilst it was with the prosecution.

The complaint to the Vanuatu Police was made by Mr. Karie several times and even got to the stage where Mr. Karie also tried to sue GIL JANG YOON a few years ago.

GIL JANG YOON brought another 3 investors from Korea in 2018 to bring a cruise ship to Vanuatu and registered Tropical Island LTD with a local from Vanuatu.

GIL JANG YOON and the local partner promoted and sold tickets to church groups even though the ship was not yet in Vanuatu in 2018 and there are no records of ownership of a Cruise Vessel at the Maritime Regulator Office at the time.

Tropical Island Ltd collected over 3 million from church groups for pre-booked tickets in 2018

Tropical Island LTD was struck off the VFSC registry in 2019 and GIL JANG YOON the local partner did not renew the business.

Belair owners did not know GIL JANG YOON is back in Vanuatu but have commented that the Korean is getting help from authorities as he is operating illegally and all the reports made against him seem to disappear.