Korean illegal car sales business

A Korean by the name of GIL JANG YOON has been operating and selling cars illegally in Port Vila for the past 10 years.

GIL JANG YOON has been operating a business called GIL MOTORS LIMITED which YTS news has uncovered that has falsified documents to allow him to operate this business here in Vanuatu.

The forged documents include VFSC registrations which he obtained and used to get a VIPA Certificate and also get a license.

GIL JANG YOON used to own G trading since 2011 before selling the business of to another Korean.

Mr Gil has fraudulent been taking money from Grace Bus sales and has also taken an amount close to over 20 million vatu for a Cruise Ship back in 2011.

Mr. Gil took this 20 million Belair owners to supply a cruiseship and he went to Korea to purchase the ship but to date no news has come of the purchase.

It is not known whether Belair owners know GIL is back in Vanuatu extending his illegal deals with no proper license or registration as a Vanuatu business.