Lataro: Private Island for Sale

According to Vladi Private Islands website, the price is not revealed and only by negotiations.

Lataro Island is located off the coast of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu’s northern islands.

According to the website, the size is approximately 800 acres with 6 km of pristine Coral reef surrounding the island, which is a marine conservation area and with beautiful fish and coral life.

The website revealed some very interesting features and life on the island.

The island is very eco-friendly. 99% of the electricity is produced by solar. Rainwater is supplied from above and the pristine air means that it is pure and tasty. 90% of the island is a Conservation Reserve and a last refuge for the endangered Coconut Crab, the world’s largest terrestrial crab. Birdlife includes owls, eagles and parrots.

The luxurious accommodation has been constructed over the last three years and comprises the owners’ residence made up of four separate buildings connected with undercover walkways – these include a kitchen, bar, dining and entertainment area around the swimming pool and media room/office/study and ‘play room’. There is a large two bedroom guesthouse, a self-contained manager/caretakers house, separate staff accommodation for up to eighteen and a huge maintenance shed. The buildings are Balinese style with plenty of exposed timber and dark tinted glass.

The sea surrounding the island is the ultimate playground for game fishing, diving, yachting, everything aquatic and there are several safe moorings for boats up to around 60 feet off the front of the property. A great super yacht anchorage is in the bay opposite and is visible from the property but don’t expect to see many boats as they are few and far between.

Lataro Island was first settled in the late 19th century as a mission station and you can still see some ruins and the graveyard from this era.

It was abandoned by the 1950’s, however a village had by then been established and up to 200 inhabitants lived here.

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By the 1970’s, the remote life was too difficult for the natives and the last of them departed for the mainland in the early 1980’s and the jungle took over and by 2000 there was no visible evidence that it had ever been occupied.

It was purchased by the current owners in 2010 who, with the help of a large number of local mainland villagers, cleared the land and built the residence.

It was designed to be a second home for the owners but could better be described as a luxury resort for the two of them and their guests.

Between 15 and 40 staff are employed to maintain the island.

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