RIP Antoine Pikoune

Antoine Pikoune, a political activist and driver for change in many aspects that contributes to growth and development of Vanuatu, has passed away yesterday 21 September 2017 at the age of 57.

Late Antoine Pikoune was first Secretary of the Ministry of Finance in 1991, and later on served with PM Serge Vohor in 1996, and also to most UMP ministers in different ministries.

He has contributed a lot to UMP policies and their implementations and very instrumental in setting up of some of the statutory bodies such as Northern Island Stevedoring Limited and the separation of Air Vanuatu and Vanair.

Late Pikoune is the brother of current Minister of Finance, honorable Gaetan Pikoune, which both contributed tremendously to the development of UMP party and the province of Sanma.

He left behind his beautiful wife Serah and their children.