LIGO | Government trying to Censor all Media in Vanuatu

YTS will ask for a Judicial Review on behalf of Media in Vanuatu

Yumi Toktok Stret owners will file an Urgent Application for a Judicial Review if Politicians keep trying to censor Vanuatu Media.

It is understood that an Urgent Application today going to Court will see the Caretaker PRO present evidence to censor Vanuatu Media.

Julian Ligo from YTS says “We are registered businesses in this country, and so too is Daily Post Vanuatu and other Media organisations and I do not think that when we were granted a license, it came with a gag cluase”

“We fully understand the need to present fair reporting but to try censor media is one practice that must stop or we all go to court to review the media rights and the right to information” Ligo pointed out.

Ligo continues that “we understand there is an application going to court today at 2pm. If the Application seeks to gag Media, we will file an Urgent Judicial Review as the the Constitution is the supreme law of the country and the Supreme Court has the ultimate authority in ruling on constitutional matters and we will ask the judiciary to ensure the actions of politicians do not present conflicts with the Constitution.”

The issue has now esculated and court documents recieved by YTS News do show the current Caretaker PRO has compiled as evidence issues being discussed on social media.

Ligo adds that “Social Media is powerful as people do speak their minds once any issues reaches social media and the current PRO should understand that when people speak, whether good or bad, it is his duty to listen”

“Politicians must grow stronger and thicker skins” says Ligo. “President Trump has been called far worse things and has been mimicked by millions and made fun of and here we are in Vanuatu with soft skins”

The application by the current Caretaker PM seeks to remove anything to do with the current court cases and also seeks assistance from the Vanuatu Police to remove reports, information shared, or anything in relation to the court case.

Mr Ligo says “Trying to remove information is quite childish and we all have constitutional Rights and if we need to challenge our leaders to maintain and safeguard those rights, we will as this is a free country and all are subject to the laws of this country”

Ligo also stated that “If the courts grant the application today, we will ask all media to meet and submit an application for a Judicial Review and for any politician when its election period, this is one mess you do not need”