LMB Farm Australia | Vanuatu workers not allowed to drink alcohol

Love My Banana’s (LMB) Farm in Queensland has issued instructions to it’s Vanuatu workers to stay away from Alcohol or risk getting sent back home.

Mr Greg Buchanan, from LMB is said to have spoken to his Vanuatu work force and has warned them to not drink alcohol or he will send them home.

After the recent accidents involving Vanuatu workers, LMB Farm is taking very strict measures to ensure its workers safety.

Workers on LMB Farm have confirmed to YTS News that Mr. Buchanan has instructed ‘alcohol consumption is now no loner acceptable at LMB Farm for Vanuatu workers.

Workers say Mr Buchanan has told them this ‘decision also applies to any future LMB worker from Vanuatu’.

Mr. Buchanan has told his worker he expects to put them back on the plane safely to go back home to their families and never wants to put them on a plane in a coffin.

It is expected that many more farms around Australia and New Zealand will be issuing the same instructions for their Vanuatu workers.