Loughman is VP President

The Vanuaaku Party Congress held on South East, Ambrym has elected Tanna MP Bob Loughman as its new Vanuaaku Party President.

MP Loughman currently the Deputy Prime Minister and also Minister for Tourism & Trade has been elected in the second rounds of voting on Thursday the 1st of November 2016.

The 40th Congress held at Penapo village, South East Ambrym is believed to be the largest ever gathering of VP Sub Committees and RCCs and supporters in the 40 year history of the party.

Over a thousand delegates from all the constituencies throughout Vanuatu were reported to have attended except for delegates from Tongoa, Torba and Pentecost.

Loughman election was unopposed as he was the only candidate nominated in the second rounds of voting after Joe Natuman withdrew his nomination.

First vice President is Ronald Warsal, from Santo Rural, 2nd vice President is MP Esmon Saimon from Malekula, Secretary General is Osea Nevu, from Santo Rural, vice SG is Kenneth Natapei from Port Vila, Treasurer is Markie Simelum from Ambrym, and his vice is Philip Boedoro from Maewo.