Young boys and girls today do take LOVE and LIFE for granted.

Love is what draws two people together, but to live a LIFE together is just too early for those who think they still want to enjoy life.

Living a single life and preparing yourself for your future is better than getting a girl or boy into your life.

You have your own decisions to make and you also move around freely, but bare in mind that your whole being will one day belong to someone whom you will choose to be a wife or husband.

To all young ones, you will all fall In Love one day, but do bare in mind that the idea of leaving together will come on later, when you both are mature enough to have a family and meet life as it stands.

This is an advise to any young people who think they wish to make a life at a very age.

You will have to understand life first before you take a step forward to making a life.

By Jane Iatika