LPV: A fundamental change to address ‘Domestic Violence’

President of the Leaders Party of Vanuatu Hon. Jotham Napat MP has called for a fundamental change in the way we as a nation address domestic violence.

“It’s the elephant in the room. We know it goes on, we have rallies of support and promises to do more, but we as a nation are not doing enough,” he said.

“LPV is calling on the government, the chiefs, community leaders, educators and the people to work together. We need to teach children from birth that any form of domestic¬†violence is unacceptable. By the time our children get to school it is too late,” he said.

Hon. Napat said if chiefs and family leaders enforce equality at the home, reflecting our Christian principles then change will occur.

Women in Vanuatu are no longer simply the homemakers. They are not simply our mothers and sisters. They are the workers, the carers, the educators and the reflection of our Christian values. Women must be respected and protected,” Hon. Napat said.

LPV intends to write a policy to prevent domestic violence which will be based on an education program – at home, in schools and in our healthcare.

Nothing will change unless we teach our next generation that domestic violence is unacceptable. We as parents need to do that now but we also need it taught in schools and this is something which must be addressed at a government level.

LPV will form a policy to include our children being taught that any form of domestic violence is unacceptable. We will also call on our medical professionals to report incidents of domestic violence. We can no longer sweep it under the carpet.”

Hon. Napat said Vanuatu is a Christian nation which blends traditional kastom with Christian beliefs.

The two can work together and we need the chiefs to support LPV’s policy to end domestic violence by ensuring it is taught in the villages and spoken about in the nakamals,” Hon. Napat said.

The LPV president said he would be consulting with his LPV colleagues and members to draft the policy which they would campaign on in the coming months.

We are a progressive party. We are actively recruiting women to join us and we know for Vanuatu to move forward we need a clear policy to ensure all rights are respected. We say no to domestic violence and we ask you to join us.