Malapoa Estate residents say Police statement is a lie

Malapoa residents say the Police media respond to last weekends beating of a Malapoa Estate resident is incorrect and is a total lie.

The front page news on todays paper stated the driver did not respect Police checkpoints, however the man beaten was not a driver but a passenger.

Malapoa Youths and residents came out in full force on Yumi Toktok Stret saying the front page news was fabricated by the Police Force.

Resident who were at the scene reported that over ten (10) Police and VMF personal chased the passengers of a bus that was hired by the boys in Malapoa to drop off their friends at home early hours of Saturday morning.

Malapoa residents claim the Police did not give them any opportunity nor time to provide explanations at the time and they came out with intent to beat the passengers in the bus.

The incident happened after the boys had drinks at a house in Malapoa and decided to end the night and rest. Two of their friends lived at at Erakor Bridge and the boys stopped a bus, and asked him provide them transport to go drop off their two friends.

On the way there, the Police chased the bus back to Malapoa Estate after the driver apparently did not stop at a checkpoint. This all happened between 3:45am to 4:15pm.

Residents are disappointed as to why Police would brutally beat the passengers as the person responsible is the driver, who ran away into the bushes.

Malapoa residents say had the Police come back in the morning, they would tell them the name of the driver and also his whereabouts.

One of the boys was brutally beaten with a baton until the baton broke on his head.

Recent incidents with the Vanuatu Police Force is showing a huge lack of respect by the Police Force towards civilians.

“Polis hemi fren blo yu” is now a term fast losing trust, respect and integrity within the communities in Port Vila.