Malo cocoa beans take on the world

George Moli is one proud cocoa farmer! He will be representing Vanuatu at the International Cocoa Awards in October 2017. His cocoa beans have made it into the top 50 cocoa samples in the world.

Moli says that when he received the great news, his tears flowed with happiness. “I never imagined this would happen to me one day!” says Moli with excitement.

Moli had undertaken a two hour cocoa training programme with other members of his community at the Vanuatu Agriculture Rural Training Centre (VARTC) in Santo. Upon his return, he was convinced to re-visit his cocoa farm and pruned 100 cocoa trees.

“This news is the result of that pruning done in 2016” says Moli. With the most recent news of his success Moli continued to prune another 270
cocoa trees in five days.

Moli’s cocoa beans are part of the Cocoa of Excellence (CoEx) Programme. It is the entry point for cocoa-producers to participate in the International Cocoa Awards (ICA), a global
competition held every 2 years that recognizes the work of cocoa farmers and celebrating the diversity of cocoa flavours.

The Cocoa of Excellence Programme recognizes and rewards cocoa with exceptional and unique flavours, while bringing know-how, cocoa evaluation tools, market opportunities and
incentives for safeguarding cacao diversity to farming communities and national organizations globally.

Cocoa samples from Epi, Santo, Malo and Malekula were sent to the Cocoa of Excellence (CoEx) Programme and samples from Mabong Naki from South West Bay on Malekula and
George Moli on Malo were selected to be part of the 50 best cocoa samples in the world.

AEALAN Chocolate is hoping to get to the Salon du Chocolate in Paris with Mabong and Moli to also present the AELAN Chocolate.

This is a very timely achievement for Vanuatu as the Vanuatu Government has just launched the Bureau of Standards Office whose duty is to ensure products meet international
standards, and Vanuatu Cocoa has now proven, we do have world class products out in our Islands.

The government of New Zealand is supporting Moli and other farmers in Vanuatu to achieve sustainable livelihoods through World Vision Vanuatu.