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Manaro Voui: First load of evacuees have arrived in Santo

Ambae Disaster Support Community in Santo have recieved the first load of evacuees by ship from Ambae yesterday the 30th of September 2017.

A total of 145 students evacuees have arrived in Luganville from West Ambae with another 100 local Ambeans and several others have moved out by plane to stay with their families residing in Luganville.

The local Ambae Disaster Support Community in Santo said 300 are also on the way, seen here are the first evacuees lining up for registration.

The organisation with support from the Church of Christ in Luganvill has organised their stay, from accommodation to providing their meals, and are calling for public support.

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(Photo: Santo Ambae Disaster Support Community)

We need your donation of cooked food, rice, bread, tea, sugar, aelan kaikai and water, stated in their community page on Facebook.

The community raised VT176,000 from the fundraising last Saturday the 30th September at La Place park in Luganville and have acknowledged everyone who came to support and donate to the cause.

They are planning another fundraising event for this Friday the 6th of October at the same venue from 9am.

They have made an appeal to Luganville residence and Sanma people to donate items like money, food, cakes, juice, books, toys for the fundraising and also suggesting donation to the evacuation centers in such as water, mattress, sheets, blankets, mosquito nets, clothing, towels, toilet papers, mosquito coils, island food, rice, biscuits, canned food and fire woods.

The committee also appeals to Ambaeans residence of Luganville and Sanma friends and families who are able to host the evacuees to call the SADSC information center 77745541, 7306120, 7715732, 7714805 to register or call in their office (communication Center) at the Churches of Christ Conference at Vunamele area.