Market Fees do not favor Mama’s

Looking at the current market fees inside the Port Vila Market does make you wonder if the mama’s who sell produce ever make a profit.

The current behaviour of charging fees goes something like this.

  1. If you have a table you pay 450VT
  2. If you put produce on the market floor, you pay 450VT
  3. If you have produce placed near the parking, you pay 450VT

In one day a mother spends about 1,800VT given the space she uses. Transport cost is about 4,000VT which totals up to about 5,800VT.

The steep rise in produce prices can be seen right here in the fees charged by PVMC.

A lot of people complain about local produce prices sold at the market but given the figures we now know a lot of mama’s try to cover cost by raising prices.