Mass Potato Program launching on Tanna

Vanuatu’s Minister of Agriculture Matai Seremaiah is leading a delegation to Tanna to launch a mass patato planting programme on the island.

The week-long programme starting today is one of government’s initiatives to promote import substitution.

The programme also encourages farmers to plant onions and carrots.

Potato seeds for the potato planting programme arrived from suppliers in New Zealand and were sent to Tanna.

In a brief ceremony after arriving into his team base at White Beach Bungalows on Tanna, Minister Seremaiah unveiled a first ever Ministry Logo, printed on T-shirts that the team will be using this week for the Potato Planting Program.

Prior to the unveiling, acting Director General Ben Shing said “The new logo carries symbols of crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries and Biosecurity activities with the key message of unity and prosperity to create more impact with our service delivery.”