Matautaava proving his worth with Essendon Cricket Club

Patrick Matautaava has been the star of the Vanuatu National Men’s Cricket Team during the World Cricket League Division 5 in South Africa and he is currently continuing his cricketing legacy and career in Melbourne playing for Essendon Cricket Club.

Highly respected by his team mates, Pat is feared for his bowling which batsmen anticipate with a little bit of a sweaty palm and bowlers fearing him for his destructiveness with the bat.

Bowlers aim to claim his wicket and batsmen aim to send his balls to the boundary but no one can do both better than Pat can – Effortlessly Send stumps flying and clearing boundaries!

Essendon CC welcomed Patrick into their club expecting nothing less of him and he is playing up to the standards that is required of him, proving again and again that he destructive on the field but a gentleman both on and off the field.

Vanuatu Cricket will continue to support Pat with his Cricketing endeavors and we wish both Patrick and Essendon CC a great cricketing season!