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The former Daily Post Journalist Dan McGarry is to file an urgent application through legal counsel in Vanuatu to challenge the Vanuatu Government for refusing his Tourist Visa Application.

The Courts in Vanuatu have not confirmed any set date yet for the hearing and there is no listings for the hearing.

McGarry has never entered Vanuatu through a Tourist Visa before and was never a tourist in Vanuatu.

The Immigration law stipulates “Any non-citizen not being a resident of Vanuatu who wishes to enter Vanuatu shall require a visa unless he is a citizen of a country exempted with or without limitations or conditions from visa requirements by order of the Minister.”

It would be fraud if Mcgarry is applying for a Tourist Visa but with different intentions other than that of a tourist.

The appeal for a Tourist Visa is vague given he has been here in Vanuatu for 14 years and the many attractions around Port Vila would have been visited already by Mr. McGarry.

The purpose of an Urgent Application for a Court Order for a Tourist Visa is still unknown but McGarry does have his girlfriend and children here in Vanuatu.

In a tweet, McGarry has said he is in “Professional Limbo”