The global goals were adopted by the leaders of the United nation in New York 2015 this week.

General Assembly of the United Nations sets 17 goals to change the world

1. No Poverty
2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-being
4. Quality Education
5. Gender Equality
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
10. Reduced Inequalities
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
14. Life Below Water
15. Life on Land
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institution
17. Partnerships for the Goals

TIME FOR #ACTION #GlobalCitizens #GlobalGoals

VANUATU MDG 2010 REPORT http://www.undp.org/content/dam/fiji/docs/Vanuatu_MDG_2010.pdf

2015 Global Citizen Festival Live Sept. 26 – UN-LEASHED By T-Mobile activists and celebrities campaign and shared these messages for you and all the people watching live on social media – YouTube.

Mark Zuckerberg says, “if everyone have access to the tools… we can voice the voiceless and power the powerless, when we are connected we can achieve our global goals and it’s time to talk to our community leaders to voice our concern…etc..”.

Usher with a statement supporting farmers around the world, “this message is for you”, he said “together we can end hunger and poverty IN SUPPORTING AGRICULTURE WE CAN END HUNGER!!! Leaders take action, make this a reality”

David Cameron says, “in ending poverty we need to fight corruption”

LEONARDO DiCaprio says, “shelter, food, clean water, education, medical care, THE HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL”… he also appeals on support to address the forces against our planet THE CLIMATE Change and the first people to be affected are the poor and marginalised…. 2015 is the hottest year in recorded history…. he also speaks of Sea-Level Refugees and about WORLD LEADERS will meet in Paris for a Climate Change so it’s time for action

Big Bird in SESAME Street and World Bank president collab on kids or education on WASH – Water & Sanitation and Hygiene

US VICE PRESIDENT – We can change the world, there’s no place for injustice, we cannot deny ourselves dignity, let us be a light to the world,….. powerful message to Global Citizens on eradicating POVERTY and addressing CLIMATE CHANGE, etc… and he delivered OBAMA’s message for rights for everyone to dignity they deserve so the world can be a better place! #ACTionNow

“That’s our struggle! Problems in Chicago, Syria, New York, Africa, Vanuatu, that’s our responsibility, everyone’s responsibility to make the streets safe for our kids…” – COMMON Raper

Michelle Obama wants you to join her club 62millionGirls.com

“Don’t be a bystander” – LAVERNE COX

SALMA HAYEK is host for http://www.girlsforachange.org

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER speaking about rights, she ask for a basic human right… “more money spent on military. A book and a pen that can change people not guns, education means a lot to world’s children… every child needs the right, none one should be neglected and they are the future. Education is hope education is peace education is basic human right!!!…. stand with 66million who need education right now … that includes vu…. Let’s be the change” – MALALA, Pakistan

Bill and Melinda Gates are the two people who have been fighting all along with the people of Africa fight against polio, malaria, poverty and improvising agriculture and Melinda said, “we have cut poverty in the last 25 years in half”. Bill says, “in the next 15 years we need you to end POVERTY, we need you to hold your leaders accountable, this week they meet in New York to agree on the development goals…”

Wikipedia translating all the goals, Google embedding on home page, MNBC reaching out, virgin group, Telecommunication company with billion customers will text, sms, etc… Its a global campaign