Media Around the Region owe Vanuatu an apology

It is a sad saga, to see someone brainwash so many people and yet not one had the decency to find out more about what was going on in Vanuatu.

It started off with a expired work permit, that resulted in one IT Manager, yes that is what Dan McGarry’s qualifications is and not a Media Director nor a Journalist as reported, getting a spot fine for illegally working in Vanuatu.

Mr. McGarry first came to Vanuatu to be an IT Manager and worked various jobs as an IT Manager and along the way developed skills to write like a journalist.

McGarry does not have a Media background or comes from a family with a big history in the media Industry.

He does not own any Media Business but rather learned the trade along the way, and most attribute this to his years with PiPPS where he worked with one of Yumi Toktok Stret owners.

When the news got out that his work permit was refused, McGarry pointed to a whole lot of reasons forgetting he made no effort whatsoever to help himself by renewing his work permit and instead allowed himself to work illegally.

The Immigration Department during McGarry’s profiling stated McGarry was working with a temporary work permit for quite sometime and for whatever reasons, no one knows, but people who hold high management positions are always concerned about permits and so forth to protect their jobs.

Having lived in Vanuatu for over 14 years, McGarry is yet to claim Vanuatu Citizenship and the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission has confirmed that within these 14 years, they have never received an application by Dan McGarry for Vanuatu Citizenship.

Dan McGarry has not told Media outside of Vanuatu why his application for a work permit was refused but instead allowed Media around the region to tarnish Vanuatu’s reputation over himself and it is in his own interest to tarnish Vanuatu’s reputation over something he alone is facing and is to be blamed for.

Dan McGarry opposed the idea of localising managerial positions in the private sector and wrote a lot about the amendments that the Vanuatu Government was implementing and it is clear he feels threatened by this amendments, as he is also occupying a position that the “Localisation Policy” directly targets for locals to occupy.

Media in Vanuatu is not threatened and the Vanuatu Government has never issued orders to stop publishing, printing or reporting news about anything in Vanuatu and so the cry for Media Freedom is a hoax here in Vanuatu.

The Daily Post former Director Niel Jones has told YTS, that Dan McGarry is leading a lawsuit against YTS for publishing a story about the Daily Post Marketing Manager Peter Stadley, and for this the Daily Post led by Dan McGarry have taken YTS to court. This is another fine example of Media Suppression or should we say Media suppressing Media.

As Vanuatu responds to all the critics, it is worth noting that Media in the Pacific region owe Vanuatu an apology.

Media in the region should apologise for all the one sided publications they have run against Vanuatu which have in a way tarnished this country’s reputation.

Dan McGarry didn’t have the decency to tell all the media outlets about his work permit and why it was refused and that he worked illegally in Vanuatu and was discovered and given a spot fine which he has not yet paid.

Media in the Pacific Region should apologise and also publish that McGarry has not fulfilled the Immigration and Labour requirements to the full and it is his duty to comply with the requirements so he could get a permit or a visa.

From a long look, Media in the Pacific Region have shot themselves in the foot with this issue and should apologise to the Vanuatu people for all the scandalous headlines that had no bearings and all because one man used his position to gain favor for himself and yes over 300,000 people living in Vanuatu are not affected by this issue at all.

Vanuatu has laws and if Dan McGarry wants to be part of this country which he claims to be home, then he should stop tarnishing Vanuatu’s reputation and learn to abide by the laws of the Republic of Vanuatu.

McGarry needs to tell the truth about what is happening to him and Media in the Pacific need to be more mature and stop prematurely hitting wrong headlines.