Joe Mete to Release ‘Manaro’ Music Video

Solo artist, Joe Nare Mete from Erromango Island will release his latest video clips including bonus tracks from his old album released in the late 90s, which features Manaro and Daniella, next week Friday the 20th October 2017.

The new album titled ‘Tanna Evergreen Resort’ recorded by Harvest Studio was released in July 2017, and the DVDs produced by MALCO Production is set to release next Friday the 20th October 2017.

Mete’s Manaro song was written by late Gray Vuke from Namberukwonge village on West Ambae when he was stationed at Tanna Island as a Police Officer and it was 1997, there were visible activity going on at Manaro Voui volcano and the rumour of an explosion has spread to an intense moment where Gray could imagine the worst scenario as he jotted down the first few lines ‘spos Manaro i faerap bae i spolem Ambae (if Manaro Voui explodes it will destroy Ambae)’ and hand delivered to Mr. Mete.

Mete secured a deal with Vantrax Studio in 1997 and went on to release the song with veteran, popular and renowned musician Tim Teo Kalmet and the Pango Twins, all from South Efate origin.

He then went on to record the reggae version with Naio Band’s lead guitarist George IAVINIAU aka Gero in 1997, and the song went on to hit the air waves, and is now a classic, with a retaken by the new voice in the block – Brada Cloud.

The recent 2017 volcanic activity at Manaro Voui on Lombenben mountain has triggered mass evacuation of the 11,000 people living on the island of Ambae to again recall the Manaro song as the perfect scenario envisioned in the lyrics by late Vuke and Mete.

This week, Mete and colleagues decided to stage a campaign to raise funds to help the Manaro victims who have been evacuated to Santo, Maewo and Pentecost Island.

The DVD also features ‘My Sweet Heart’ which is dedicated to late Alice Karis and according Mete, to all the mothers who are suffering from domestic violence.

The song was written and composed as part of a campaign to raise public awareness on domestic violence and it is a message to end Violence Against Women in Vanuatu.

“Daniela has been playing on the radio and dancing floor in Port Vila’s night clubs for the past 20 years and if you compare it with other music composed and recorded during those years, it is still people’s favorite, which shows how powerful a perfect music arrangements can be”, Joe Nare Mete posted on Facebook.

“I could have been rich, but here the government is not helping our musicians to deal with copyright and piracy issues and it is just a big problem”.

“I hate remixing, and the retake process can only happen if your music is dying out and then you wish to pump it up with some new beat, but I hope my fans will enjoy my new DVD project”, he posted proudly.