Milestone for VFF Stadium

Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) President, who is also the current Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) head, Lambert Maltock pays tribute to the late Shefa Football Association President, Tane Maki during the first ever laying down of the roof for the new VFF Stadium on Friday 16th July.

“The late President, Tane Maki was here in this stadium last year on July 28th, 2020 when the first works were carried out inside this new stadium. That day he was a proud President knowing the importance of what the stadium meant for Vanuatu football, especially since the milestone development was to be built in his backyard,” Maltock said.

A minute of silence was observed, and words of condolences conveyed from the VFF President.

The stadium project took four years of careful negotiations and planning before the first actual works on the stadium began.

“With patience and professionalism, I am proud to say that the stadium is a first of its kind in the region, and already OFC is commending VFF for taking the lead in this new stadium project,” Maltock said.

With the symbolic laying down of the first roof by President Maltock and Senior Vice President, Iau Tuan, the now almost completed new stadium stands will look to seat 1500 in full capacity.

The stadium pitch will be state of the art, equipped with proper drainage.

Maltock also made an important announcement saying that VFF is looking to set up a proper Professional League by 2023, and the new stadium will be instrumental in achieving this feat.