Minister Napuat: You can run but you cannot hide

The Vanuatu Minister of Internal Affairs has publicly declared that any foreigner or expat who “enters Vanuatu, falsifying their information, hide motives to trick the authorities, register a business, conning public officials, exaggerate the benefits of their investment just to get a relationship with government will be dealt with”

The Minister says a lot of this leads directly to Money Laundering, Human Trafficking and many more as witnessed by recent events in Vanuatu.

Napuat bluntly points directives to how things should be and says “Long gone are the days of corrupt and cunning masterminds. The Vanuatu Government have been doing compliance checks and follow-up on a quarterly basis and have been successful in all our operations and we will continue to do so.”

The Internal Affairs Minister warns those in breach of laws that “You can run but you cannot hide even if you have cronies in higher places, we are not bothered by that.”

Napuat says “We have a duty to protect our sovereignty and our citizens and our future.”

Napuat echo’s the sentiments felt by everyone for over 38 years, “We may be quiet, it does not mean we do not have power, we may be friendly that does not mean we do not have rage, we may be young that does not mean we do not know right from wrong, we may be relaxing, that does not mean we have fallen asleep.”

The Department of Labour is running a compliance check through all business houses in Vanuatu on work permits.