More Than 50 Year 13 Students from Mc Graduated with Scholarship

Ahuge uncertainty is spreading among parents of student’ s at Matevulu College after information circulated through the YTS forum that only a few students from the College graduated with a scholarship.

About 18 schools in the country have year 13, and this 18 Schools comprise of 10 Anglophone and 8 Francophone. Malapoa College have more than 50 students who have been awarded scholarship’s.

The fair sharing of the scholarships was an issue a few years back with parents claiming politicians unfairly dictating the scholarship selection. Fair sharing for both Anglophone and Francophone students is essential to our country’s development plans and as always children have a right to education that authorities must uphold at all times says one concerned parent.

Robert Kokona, husband of a current VANGOV student also added that ‘criteria might also be the reason behind the selection’ but the issue must be cleared as Onesua Presbyterian School only has 2 students on scholarship but I think a lot depends on school managment also he says.

Henry Coupa Bill, a Vanuatu student on scholarship has told the YTS forum that ‘maybe the scholarship Office has some procedures in place but one important thing would be to publish the list of VANGOV students quickly as Vanuatu students do have a track record of arriving late for orientations at certain University’s.

VANGOV sponsors only year 13 and year 14 students and overall 86 spots are awarded to secondary schools. Students are shortlisted for PNG/Turkey/Georgia/USA/China/France. Year 13 students are selected by their end of year academic grades, and if one school fails to get any student a scholarship then that would be a problem that only the school and its teachers can answer to.

To double check on information’s regarding Scholarships the Ministry of Education is asking everyone to go to the Scholarship Office ‘under the mango tree’ inside the MoET compound. Officials do confirm that there is no ‘favoritism’ with scholarship selections.

Scholarship Officials also remind everyone to check with the Scolarship Office on any issues during Government working hours.