Morning Star flag Burned Outside the Parliament House of PNG

A Papua Morning Star Flag was burned outside the National Capital District (NCD) Governor’s Office in Papua New Guinea yesterday 1st of July which is to commemorate the West Papua Army.

A video footage shows a group of locals rallying on the road to the Parliament’s NCD Governors Office in Port Moresby with the Morning Star flag with ‘Terrorist’ written all over it and another banner with ‘Papua is Indonesia’.

In front of the parliament building the group set the Morning Star flag on fire.

Meanwhile PNG Police dissolve a few others who want to conduct a ceremony in the Rainbow settlement in Port Moresby where 38 families of West Papuan heritage live.

PNG Government said they don’t support West Papua Liberation Army in Papua New Guinea.

On 1 July 2019, the United Liberation Movement of West Papua announced that earlier in May West Papuan military factions had united under the one command to form the West Papua Army, including the West Papua Revolutionary Army (TRWP), the West Papuan National Army (TNPB) and the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB), with the command to be under “the political leadership of the ULMWP”