MP Moli: Don’t cry over spilled milk

Luganville MP, Kalvao Moli, of the Luganville Unity Front whose grouping won a landslide victory in the Luganville elections, winning 11 out of the 13 contested seats, says “the issue surrounding the delay in the formation of the Luganville Municipal Council is due to the Government side not accepting their loss in the Luganville Municipal Elections 2015”

MP Kalvao says “there are laws and procedures in place to follow and if there are irregularities as claimed they need to be reported and then investigated”

The Luganville MP continued that the “the AG and the electoral commission will give their opinions on the matter and we wait for further instructions, but it is water under the bridge”

When questioned as to why the council has not yet been formed, MP Moli replied “The Council was formed two weeks ago. We are waiting for the town clerk to call a sitting”

“At the moment the clerk cannot call a seating as the Minister feels there are issues”

“I think some people need to stop crying over spilled milk” said MP Moli.