MP Peter Numu denies calling for a ban on Facebook in PNG

The Governor of Eastern Highlands Province (EHP) MP Peter Numu say’s to say he has called for a ban on Facebook in PNG is not true and totally misleading.

The Governor was responding to an article entitled “So now Governor of EHP calls for a ban on Facebook” by MP Bryan Kramer.

The article stated that the ‘Governor has raised a question on the floor Parliament in relation to his concerns over Members of Parliament being ridiculed and their reputation tarnished on social media.’

Governor Numu responded to the article that his question is crystal clear and directed to the Minister for Justice & Attorney General about the administration of justice surrounding Facebook issues in PNG.’

“Especially people with false account interring with the rights of other citizens and contributing to cyber crimes. I asked whether the duty of care or responsibility of administrating Facebook rest with the state or the Facebook company” he said.

The Facebook debates questions where can legislators draw the line of negligence or duty of care to hold either the State (PNG Government) or the Facebook company accountable.

“Does it lie with the Facebook Company or the State? – that is my first question the Governor said.

“If it is with the State if the duty of care and responsibility is with the State can we fix it? Because this is your Facebook issue, [it] is diminishing our society and our Community, Politics Churches and Business.”

The Governor then raised his second question that if the duty and care or responsibility rests with the Facebook Company and [they] negligently fail to administer this social media in our country and if we can not fix it – “can we sue the Facebook Company given our legal system for those of us to seek redress.”

Governor then goes on to ask the Attorney General – can you just advise this Government as the principal legal adviser to the Government –

“If we can not fix this can we totally ban Facebook because it does not fit into our Government systems, our laws and regulations and society at large.” he said.

MP Kramer questions ‘what causes greater damage to our community, society, and country? Members of Parliament whose character is defamed or the corrupt Politicians who steal from the people.’

MP Peter Numu has refuted all suggestions that he had called for a ban on Facebook in PNG.