MP uses PAM Relief allocation to purchase Mini Bus

A Government backbencher who has used VT500, 000 of his MP allocations to buy himself a Mini Van will face his constituency come 2016. The Government MP who went on media to complain about not receiving chainsaws and generators purchased a brand new Mini Van a week before complaining about not receiving relief supplies on media.

The allegations have been briefed to the PM and his cabinet. All 52 MPs were allocated an advance to support their constituencies. The allocations were paid out to MPs in two separate payments. The matter is being investigated by the government and will soon see the MP disciplined if all is true. Sources inside the Government say “one of the Islands PM Natuman landed on to inspect damages is where this MP complaining comes from. The area where the PM visited was not harmed by PAM but bananas did feel the effect of PAM.”

Reliable sources say “it has come to a point where there must be discipline. A government backbencher challenging the government for his own mistakes is not something we can tolerate.”

“It’s either we discipline or kick him out of the Government. The MP talks about signing a motion, well good luck to him”

The issue has come to a high after the backbencher begged the opposition for money. VT500, 000 was provided to the MP and this is the money used to purchase supplies for the MPs people on his Island.

Sources inside the Government are not happy and have come out to say “the MP claims to be a technician in MP Moana’s downfall, normally in politics when you orchestrate something you do not come out in the open to claim your kill as it leaves you open and you are vulnerable and stand to be manipulated the moment you open your mouth and it also shows he is taking credit for someone else work”

One leader inside the Natuman government put it this way “If he wants to sign a motion then we wish him and the opposition good luck.”

“But as of today Vanuatu must know, this MP did use his allocation to purchase a minivan and when pressured by his constituency to provide supplies he went begging to the opposition.” Continued the source.

“Leaders do not beg, they lead.” Says the reliable source. “The problem now is, the MP has to prove to his own constituency that he used all his allocations on their needs”

Kia Motors confirmed a purchase by the MP for a Mini Van for VT500, 000.