Thirty-two students became the second group of graduates to complete their studies at the Pacific Vocational Training Centre on the 28th November 2019 during a graduation ceremony held at Epauto Adventist Multi-Purpose Centre in Port Vila.

The graduates, 21 of whom studied Certificate IV in Electrical Engineering (Installation and Maintenance) and 11 that completed Certificate IV in Mechanical Engineering (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) included two females that walked away with their Certificate IV in Electrical Engineering.

As part of the MSG 2038 – Prosperity for All Plan under the Social Equality and Inclusivity objective for the next 25years, the MSG Secretariat sponsored awards for the top two students in each category during the graduation further enhancing a promising future for all our citizens.

MSG Secretariat’s Sports Development Officer, Mr. Bill Henry spoke on behalf of the Director General Ambassador Amena Yauvoli during the graduation explaining to those present that “The MSG Secretariat believes in the importance of improving social and human development leaving no one behind. As part of the Secretariat’s MSG 2038 – Prosperity Plan for All for the next 25 years the Secretariat strongly supports the work of the Pacific Vocational Training Centre by not only helping to further develop our youths’ education and skillset by giving them an opportunity to study a trade to build their careers but actively helping to build not only Vanuatu but our Melanesian states.”

Mr. Henry continued by telling the graduates “Today you can stand proud of the fact that you will leave today with the qualifications to ease you into the workforce or start your own business and because of you and your further studies here at the PVTC, you will be helping to build a bigger and better Vanuatu.”

Mr. Henry went on to present the MSG Runner Up Award to the Best Student Award for Electrical Engineering 2019 to Jack Alexander Trigg while his colleague Mr. Simione Tuimalega the MSG Secretariat’s Arts & Culture Officer went on to present the MSG Annual Best electrical Engineering Student Award to Christino Mendra Telavan.

The MSG Runner up Award for the Best Student Award for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2019 was awarded to Joshua Lingban Magekon with Masting Tete Prisko taking the MSG Annual Best Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Student Award 2019.

Mr. Wade Evans the Director Training Pacific Vocational Training Centre told parents, family and friends gathered to celebrate the occasion that “What we do here is allow our youth the opportunity to learn a skill they can be proud of having. Our graduates and former students are now making significant contributions to the skills bank in Vanuatu. Just like money in a good bank, the skills of workers in a country will always increase in value as they are continuously being put to good use.” He continued,

“We are small but as you can see we are making waves and moving mountains in Vanuatu. PVTC, in the last three years of its existence has opened eyes as to what can be achieved by a team with a united vision and shared goals. It is our mission here at PVTC to provide another door for youth like those sitting before you today to walk through and learn a skill to further their chances in the world.” He added, “We are proud to be the bridge to help these graduates build Vanuatu and the region and we aim to be a model system not only here in Vanuatu but regionally and internationally.”

Mr. Evans mentioned the excitement the trainers at PVTC felt having young women enroll in their courses as well telling the crowd that in the Centre’s Plumbing class of 18 students, 16 of these students are female. “Imagine the pride you will feel when you see your daughter fixing a blocked pipe, changing a light bulb or electrical wires to make something work again in your household or communities. This is a huge move for women in Vanuatu.”

The Secretariat Director General Ambassador Amena Yauvoli said “The fact that there is an avenue for our youth that want to further their growth when there may not have been an opportunity like this previously for them is fantastic and an exciting prospect for not only Vanuatu but for the region as the work of the PVTC can be used as a model for our other Member states.”

Ambassador Yauvoli continued, “In line with the MSG’s core objective, Social Equality and Inclusivity, The MSG Secretariat is excited and extremely proud to support the important opportunities the Pacific Vocational Training Centre has available for our youth as it not only gives them a second chance at building a career for themselves but it also means no one gets left behind. The inclusion of young women in the roll call is also a gain for Vanuatu as it empowers our women to take up a career of their own promising a future for all citizens of Vanuatu and I congratulate all the graduates on a job well done and wish them a prosperous future as they head into the workforce to start the next chapter in their lives.”

The Centre is the brainchild of Mr. Joel Toa who told the crowd gathered “the Pacific Vocational Training Centre is a dream I have had for a while to give the opportunity to those students who have not found it easy with the mainstream studies in school. With the support and dedication of our wonderful trainers and providers it has all come true and today we are seeing our second group of graduates leave with certificates and the qualifications to help build our Vanuatu…your Vanuatu forward.” He added “I am excited that our five-year strategic plan with the Centre is currently in its third year and I can tell you now, there is no stopping us as we continue to give second chances to our youth here in Vanuatu.”

The Pacific Vocational Training Centre offers courses to those that wish to learn a trade, wish to upskill their current skillset and training to those that are still in school, having a signed an agreement with the Epauto Adventist Secondary School allowing the Centre mainstream programs for students in year 10 onwards.

The program is inclusive to both males and females allowing students who are currently in Year 10 and opportunity to exit Secondary School with not only their Year 12 School Leaving Certificate but also a Level 2 TVET qualification accredited by VQA making it unique in the region and unlike other vocational programs due to the fact it mainstreams TVET into the school curriculum.

The Pacific Vocational Training Centre offers 52 accredited courses working with registered providers around Vanuatu to ensure a promising future for all citizens of Vanuatu.