MSG Trade Ministers Meeting Endorses Key Trade Deal

The 4th Melanesian Spearhead Group ‘Trade Ministers Meeting’ was held on the 16th of November 2015 at Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center in Noumea, New Caledonia.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Management of Vanuatu, Honorable Willie Jimmy Tapangararua was the only Vanuatu Minister attending this meeting with other MSG member countries who were represented by their ambassadors, commissioners or foreign secretaries.

The TMM unanimously considered and endorsed the final draft of the MSGTA3 legal text on Goods and Services Chapter of the Trade Agreement which stretched out awareness opportunity to members particularly private sector to fully benefit from the trade agreement and its development strategy.

Prior to the endorsement, the honorable Minister of Vanuatu made a presentation highlighting issues and expectations for the meeting.

Minister Jimmy also expressed Vanuatu and Melanesia’s sympathy with the French Government for the tragedy that took place in Paris which saw many innocent people lost their lives and he stressed the importance of economic empowerment to our young ‘Melanesia’ to avoid harboring disgruntled Melanesian groups who may be the cause of slowing down our economic growth.


In his closing remarks, honorable Jimmy reiterated the importance of maintaining the vision of MSG forefathers, the pioneers who founded the group, and that the meeting concluded with tangible outcomes and decisions that propel the common desire to increase MSG Trade and drive economic arm of the MSG to higher level that the MSG countires must not forget the purpose of establishing MSG which is to see the decolonisation of the Melanesian countries.

The message was echoed by the Minister and his counterparts to the big chief of New Caledonia at the Senate meeting organised last week, and the outcome of the TMM meeting was presented to the congress of New Caledonia in a courtesy visit to the congress house.

The Minister and his delegation attended a trade symposium last week and also visited a trade fair show organised by the MSG secretariat displaying products and services provided by Melanesian business houses within the region.

The honorable Minister and his delegation returned to Vanuatu last Friday the 20th of November 2015.