Millionaire Investor Intends to Sue Vanuatu Police Force for Millions of Dollars

Multi Millionare Ronan Harvey has already left the country in fear for his life and family after his business and family were attacked by mobs from Kole led by Israelite Eilon Mass.
Owner of Velit Bay plantation and restaurant, Mr. Ronan Harvey said he has frozen his investment program simply because it’s too dangerous after Velit Bay Restaurant got looted by locals from Kole Village under taken by Eilon Mass who came to live at Velit Bay under Ronan Harvey’s care.

“Eilon Mass turned up at Velit Bay and I offered accommodation for him and his family because he had nowhere to live and he then turned against me”, said Harvey.

Eilon Mass and mobs from Kole Village were arrested immediately by Vanuatu Police and Mr. Mass was charged with drug offences, looting, assault and theft and was remanded in custody but already out on bail and all the other 36 men were all convicted and sentenced to one year (suspended) plus 150 hours community service.

Remanded in custody three times and subsequently bailed by his adopted family from Fanafo, Mr. Mass is now in the streets again despite trying to flee the country ahead of his trial.

“I send Talis Kolaris who was working for me as investigative agent in Santo dealing with Chiefs and others concerning the adoption of Eilon Mass and he was bashed”, said Mr Harvey.

Eilon Mass located Joseph Johnny Rak. A chief from Fanafo Village and offered to pay Rak Vt 200,000 in exchange Chief Rak adopting Eilon and thus provide the surety required to keep him out of jail on bail of $500. However a letter from the Paramount Chiefs of Santo say the adoption serves to keep Mass out of jail, but Rak will never get paid as Mass is financially broke and his only income is by dealing drugs.
Speaking from his kitesurfing holiday in Philippines Mr. Harvey said ‘it feels like there is no government, no law and order, no judiciary it’s the Wild West’. Velit Bay Plantation is a cattle and coconut plantation of 1600 acres with a restaurant on the beach and complete tourist facilities.

Mr Ronan Harvey says he is currently in the Philippines kitesurfing and is relocating his family to their new home in New Zealand later this month. Sean Griffin is the Managing Director at Velit Bay whilst it is on sale. Mr Harvey says Velit Bay currently operating, all investment ($1m per annum stopped) for now and the estate is being sold. Mr Ronan Harvey feels ‘there is no Government, no law and order, no judiciary it’s the Wild West, sorry that how it is. Investors are leaving in droves and I feel as if coming to Vanuatu was the biggest mistake of my life’.

Mr. Harvey is filing charges for damages against the Vanuatu Police Force for; False arrest based on complaint by Eilon Mass an illegal immigrant, an alien formally deported from Fiji, False imprisonment (2 hours in number 6), International impingement of my character and good standing (George Twoomy and co sent a message to NZ authorities stating that I was arrested for drug offences) The NZ authorities will be giving evidence at the trial, Failure by the Santo police to properly act to protect property and personnel at Velit Bay despite prior warning by 3rd party resident of Luganville.
Mr Harvey told YTS News that ‘the compensation claim will be very substantial. I am a person of good standing which I am able to prove in court. Immigration permitted this evil criminal to enter the country with no checks; he used forged and false documents. He was forced to leave the USA due to criminal Visa and passport irregularities, and I will show also documents that he had served five years in Jail.
Talis was attacked by Johnson Maxwell and others. The matter is the subject of a police investigation. I am unable to comment further except to say the threat was made (by Eulon Mass) and in my view executed, however I cannot at this stage prove this. In January 2014 we obtained a restraining order against Mass. The police have been 100% ineffective in enforcing the order.

Mr. Harvey says PM Natuman must be aware that while at Velit Bay the Israeli Mass was developing a drugs supply network in the villages. He was as it turned out processing cannabis and all statements and evidence is in police hands as charges have been laid. Let me be clear says Harvey, that there are further ongoing investigations into Eilon Mass activities. These include rape, kidnapping, further drug supply, interference with witnesses and more. The problem is that while he is free on the streets witnesses are scared to come forward or to process their statements due to threats and intimidation. I can provide names and more but Mass should be locked up in jail to preserve public safety and to allow the police to do their job. I have documentary evidence which demonstrates the clear link between senior police officers and Eilon Mass. There officers who are in his pay roll. I will personally sue every one of them in court.