Mysterious seeds sent from Vanuatu to Ireland identified by Irish Department of Agriculture

The Irish Department of Agriculture has received 32 reports to date of unsolicited seed packets from members of the public, Irish Minister of Agriculture, Dara Calleary confirmed.

Connaught Telegraph from Ireland reported that the seeds have originated from China and Vanuatu in the South Pacific, and have contained rapeseed, petunia, kiwi and bamboo.


However, he warned these unregulated seeds could prove to be invasive and contain diseases – and could affect our agricultural industry and biodiversity.

All of these seeds will be destroyed.


Minister Calleary issued a renewed warning to members of the public not to open an unsolicited packet of seed received in the post.

Recently there were similar mysterious seed packages sent to U.S. residents.

U.S. agriculture officials said they are working with their counterparts in China to determine who is sending mysterious seed packages to U.S. residents and to stop future shipments.

Vanuatu has appeared in the list is quite shocking and it not yet known if the Vanuatu government authorities are aware of the scam.

One theory is it’s a brushing scam.

People are sent items unsolicited by online sellers to generate a transaction to support fake reviews to boost their business or product.