Natapei Campaign to launch Sunday 27 Sep. 2015

VP candidate, Kenneth Natapei will launch his by election campaign on 27 September 2015 at Saralana Stage, Nambatu Area. The launching program run by the Port Vila VP Region will began at 9am on Sunday.

There will be a Church Service held at Saralana which will began at 10:30am. Also attending are the presidents of the seven political groupings behind Kenneth Natapei.

Speeches at the opening will come from Hon. Ham Lini Vanuaroroa, Hon. John Lum, President for Nagriamel, Hon. Nato Tawia, President for MPP, Hon. Kalvao Moli, President for Hope Party, Hon. Charlot Salwai, President for RMC, Hon, Ralph Regenvanu, President for GJP, Kenneth Natapei, VP Candidate, Hon. Joe Natuman, VP President.

Naio, Kross Rod, Stan and the Earth Force will provide entertainment through out the launching and will also provide entertainment during the campaign.

Everyone is invited to attend to enjoy the day and listen to the campaigns for the 2015 by elections.