Natapei: one male and one female candidate for Port Vila in 2020

Kenneth Natapei has announced to the Erakor Half Road community that the VP Port Vila RCC has agreed to a request by the young people in Port Vila to run a young female candidate in 2020.

Mr. Natapei says “during the campaigns, the gap for women is visible and when we try to address social issues, it becomes frustrating as we men tend to be the mouth piece but do not really know the experience women go through, their difficulties and hardships”

Natapei continued that “in Vanuatu we must encourage women to go into politics as women are more actively involved and advocate more for gender-salient issues: women’s health, reproductive rights, child care and disability issues”

Natapei says he has a good team around him and they along with the VP Port Vila RCC will run two candidates in 2020, one male and one female.

Natapei says “when it comes to leadership, women do have an advantage at certain points, and as all young people have experienced growing up in a home, mothers are very responsive, so if they become MP’s, the tendency is already there to be responsive to their constituents”

Natapei believes that if Vanua’ aku Party can trust young people to run Port Vila, the Young people of Port Vila will return that trust by electing a woman in the 2020 elections.

Natapei points out that “Women are more focused on cooperation and less on hierarchy which is an ingredient we need for stability”

Vanua’ aku Party has only one candidate in this snap elections but is now looking forward to run two candidates in 2020 for the Port Vila constituency.