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Natapei: People are important and are the priority

The VP candidate for Port Vila Kenneth Natapei and his campaign team are launching their Face Book campaigns with this first press release.

VP candidate for Port Vila Kenneth Natapei is appealing to residents of Port Vila to join him and the team to vote for stability.

“Stability will provide us a calm atmosphere where we can look to address issues of corruption, look to address and implement our policies, and look to ensure the government is stable enough to improve basic services that can improve the life’s of our people”

“As the youngest VP candidate, I ask you to join me and my team to continue the fight for corruption, look to stability, and above all, recognize that fact that our people are important and that they are the priority”

Natapei continued that Port Vila must “Vote for a mature leadership, and VP is more mature than any other party in Vanuatu, and it knows what has been here since Independence, we know the struggles and for quite some time have seen how instability has allowed the least important things to be important. Now is the time to make our people important.

Now is the time to vote and say “It is the people who are important and it is the people who are priority”