As the Vanua’ aku Pati member of Parliament for Port Vila, I want to thank you all for your trust and confidence in electing me to be your representative in Parliament. To all the chiefs, the women leaders, the church leaders, the community leaders, and most importantly the youths who have been with me from day one to now, I congratulate you all for your efforts and thank you for your continuous confidence and trust in Vanua’ aku Pati.

I will admit that politics has failed you the people quite a lot and has failed to look after your interest, your benefits, your rights, and has failed to keep you the people as priority. As your elected MP, I will always uphold the confidence and trust you have given me and I will always see to it that it is your interest and benefit I look after and that together we continue our efforts to building a better Vanuatu.

I believe it is time we start looking ahead, looking forward to address our future and not address too much of the past. We cannot continue to live in the future and talk about the past, let the past be our history, but must always as a people continue to look ahead to improve this country, allow transparency and accountability a chance..

Our failures are many and our successes are many and we must together continue to work together, work hard, and continue to stay committed to finding more success to add to our own history.

You people are part of me, as much as I am part of you and together we must look to find common ground to not only address our problems but also find solutions to our problems.

I want to assure you my voters and residents of Port Vila that as a Member of Parliament, I will not be part of any floor crossing in Parliament, I will not be part of any motions of no confidence that lack substance but must always play my part to ensure the government looks after you and is stable enough to implement much needed policies that will enhance your wellbeing and livelihood.

This election has tested us quite a lot on our quest to unite but we have not lost what we had before the elections and I am hopeful we will look to have a good formation no matter who holds the reigns.

We have a lot of work to do and we need each other’s support. Please do play your part as a citizen and I along with my colleague MP’s play our part.

Congratulations to all the elected 52 MP’s and may you keep our peoples interest at heart always and may God bless you all.

Kenneth Natapei, MP for Port Vila