The national Information Communication Technology (ICT) day hosted in Luganville on the 15th and 16th May 2015 finally ends with many respect to the event organisers, for the success, also builds confidence to organise a bigger event in 2016.

Honorable MP Alfred Maoh touring the booth
Honorable MP Alfred Maoh and invited guests touring the booth after launching.

A member of public remarks the event as the beginning for everything from business, education to family, indeed honorable MP Maoh of Santo Rural constituency says, “ICT is synonymous with quality development, and we are seeing the future already through technology”.

Two days event organised by the Telecommunication and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR) and Office of the Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) under the Prime Minister’s office, with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 150th anniversary, runs the theme, ‘Drivers for Innovation’, really moved the people of Luganville, and Sanma Province.


People came to interact with experts, learn new applications, new technology and some hands on experience on laptops and internet, and listen to discussion panels on ICT in Agriculture, Education, Health, Tourism, Youth, Disability and also TRR awareness on consumer rights, cyber laws, changing technology influencing our culture and the challenges ahead.

For two days at La Place, students, teachers, working class – mostly desk jobs, institutional reps, and also unemployed youths, women, kids, parents and people from East Santo and nearby Malo, listens, visit the booths, ask questions or interact with the event in other ways.

“I saw a group of old men gather around a tablet under a burao tree in one corner of La Place browsing the internet, and there were countless youth who are accessing very good speed internet provided by the telcos, shows the ICT day’s impact on people”, says John Jack, OGCIO Public Relations Officer.

Neil Netaf owns a Luganville IT business and also has many experience in trade and Agriculture sector, says although word around Luganville people appreciate the event, this is only the beginning of technology for businesses, schools, homes and families in Sanma Province, but later emphasis a lot on how ICT can help in Agriculture.

Banners by Vanuatu Agriculture College students emphasis on ICT in Agriculture.

The most outstanding banner witness is from the parade carrying the message ‘ICT in Agriculture’ and according to MALFFB, 75% of the population of Vanuatu resides in the rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

The week will be history too as first ever Web 2.0 and Social media training is conducted at Vanuatu Agriculture College in Luganville by CTA and partners, and also award-winning blogger and NZ Herald travel columnist conducts training on social media with tour operators in Luganville, and the Pacific ICT conference meeting at Warwick in Port Vila, while we celebrates ITU’s 150th anniversary, as a member.

Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) takes the opportunity to launch its first ever fiber link in Luganville, showcasing their smartphones, selling out many of their residential devices, promoting their flybox indoor unit, with free Wi-Fi internet around the booth and La Place.

Its competitor Digicel also displays many of their new products and promotions for ICT Day, and also provided free internet to public at very good speed.

The interest in Digicel booth
The interest in Digicel booth.

The event ends with a comedy show performed by Monkey Boys led by social media icon known by many on Facebook as ‘Saksak and Pedro’ and is popular in Local Videos – Vanuatu.

ROTFL is internet slang or acronym for rolling on the floor laughing, but La Place were rolling on the grass as Saksak and Reynold took the stage, interesting that their stories were related to use and content of technology especially mobile phones.

Saksak who is a Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF) member said many youths today are using mobiles to dial random numbers, initiate a conversation and sometimes they intimidate others privacy, and this is unacceptable.

The entertainer, Apia, singer/musician.

Musician Apia with a voice that resembles of Michael Bolton, and is a cousin of famous Zaddock in Port Vila, appears on stage again wowing the event organisers and delegates from Port Vila and people who are new to Luganville, and at intervals Kevin famous in Huarere Band, and solo entertainer, Rolland Tugu, take turns.

The event not only is being followed by people on the ground, but is also broadcast live on Radio FM 107 and outside Sanma and Vanuatu were following on social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook group ‘ICT In Vanuatu‘ and ‘Yumi Toktok Stret

Speaking on behalf of public in Luganville, Netaf thanked TRR and OGCIO for organising a successful 2015 event in Luganville, and also reveals dialogue for 2016 with TRR and OGCIO has already started, from his views for 2016 event – he wants greater participation, more activities to pull more interest.

OGCIO Public Relations John Jack.

“After this year’s success, lessons learnt from this first time event in Luganville will stage the next in 2016, and now TRR’s champions will be here to help”, says John Jack, OGCIO Public Relations.

The event organisers praises the stage hands, all participants, institutions in booths, media and social media following the event, the local authorities, sponsors, and members of the public who have contributed to the success of National ICT Day 2015 in Luganville.

Everyone will leave with something to remember, and as highlighted, this ICT day is history in many ways.