Natty Sele – Why Nao (ft. LOCAL REMEDY & Annie) OUT NOW!

Alexiis Production releases a new single of ‘Why Nao’ written by Natty Sele featuring Local Remedy and backed up by Annie, is out free to all roots rock and reggae fans in Vanuatu and on the internet.

‘Why Nao’ is a slow heavy reggae boost featuring Annie with her beautiful voice, kicks in Bislama dialect ‘why nao u wokem olsem long mi’ meaning why did you do that to me? in an auto-tune effect and then blends in with a bridge raps by Local Remedy, then connects the verse sang beautifully by Natty Sele in Atara Imere dialect of South Efate.

Radio DJ, Local Remedy Tracking the Cyclone Donna with Radio Legend, Francois Vincent.

The song spits out bislama words and slang used by youths in a daily life basis, ‘why yu mekem olsem’ is always heart-breaking question between young couples, why create a problem? I don’t need you, I can have my kava instead.

Remedy spits out “She knocked me down like a shell of kava, kava don’t mix with drama”.

To listen, just follow the link to Alexis Sound Cloud page, the producer of this new single, and the downloadable audio can be obtained here.

We hope you will enjoy this one.