Vanuatu Tourism Minister, Joe Natuman

Natuman: 100 million Chinese Travel everyear as Tourist, Vanuatu is now a destination for them

Minister For Tourism Joe Natuman has expressed great satisfaction after leading Vanuatu to tap into what travel agencies around the world call “the biggest phenomenon to hit the global travel industry since the invention of commercial flight — Chinese tourism.”

Vanuatu’s DPM and Minister for Tourism¬†say’s “Chinese Tourism figures is indeed incredible, and as seen from a report from the UN World Tourism Organization¬†in 2015, over 100 million Chinese travel the world every year.”

Earlier this year Natuman led a delegation to China to negotiate the possibility of having Chinese tourist come to Vanuatu. The first vessel bringing over 2000 tourist arrived in Port Vila on the 12th of December 2016.

In 2012, Chinese overtook Americans and Germans as the world’s top international tourism spenders, with 83 million people spending a record US$102 billion on international tourism.

Chinese travelers the world’s biggest spenders

Chinese travelers spent a record US$102 billion on international tourism in 2012.

Pretty much any country with “Approved Destination Status” a bilateral tourism arrangement with China, has remarkable numbers to throw out on Chinese tourism growth, from the United States to France.

The figures are even more dramatic in Asia Pacific as well. South Korea recently reported that in February 2016, for the first time ever, Chinese tourists overtook Japanese tourists in terms of arrival numbers.

Hong Kong and Thailand cite similar growth.

Luxury stores in Paris have equipped themselves with Chinese-speaking staff. Similarly in Asia-Pacific, particularly the Four Seasons in Indonesia where they have Chinese menus, guides and guest ambassadors.

It is hard though to satisfy a Chinese Tourist and If you look at surveys and forums in China, the majority of Chinese people are not satisfied with the service they get when they travel — especially outside East and Southeast Asia, in areas where there are not as many Chinese, like in Europe or North America.

The bottom line though, Chinese Tourist spend more than every other tourist which is a boost to Vanuatu Tourism and there will be more benefits from this new development.