COM approval for “Duty Exemptions” on vehicles for local tourism operators

It is confirmed that the Council of Ministers – COM has approved a proposal by the Minister of Tourism, Deputy Prime Minister, MP Joe Natuman, for the Vanuatu Government to provide subsidy to local Tourism operators who operate Transfer & Tour businesses.

Though the details are not yet clear on this, reports do say there will be certain requirements that apply to this approval, one being that only Transport Associations can be eligible to receive duty exemptions on Taxi and Bus purchases for tourism operations.

For local Tourism operators, this is one of the biggest steps ever taken by the Vanuatu Government to provide subsidy to them especially in their tourism businesses. The news is widely welcomed by Land Transport Associations and Tourism is expecting a big boost especially for local operators through this Government initiative.

The Vanuatu Parliament session is currently on and maybe we will witness the amendments on this later during the sittings.