Natuman tells students to “leave school and be your own boss”

Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman told students at Rensarie Junior Secondary School that they must set goals to be self employed rather than join the already big workforce in our towns.

Natuman spoke with students during a visit with Agriculture Minister Matai Seremiah to the school to inspect the Piggery Center setup there by the Vanuatu Department of Live Stock.

During Natuman short speech he told the students that “Rensarie is one of 3 schools set up by the Walter Lini government because they wanted to invest in human resource.”

The Vanuatu DPM also encouraged the students that the Piggery Center is complementary to the visions of the late Walter Lini Government and they must always do well in  their trainings and look ahead to be their own bosses one day.

The Rensarie Junior Secondary School Piggery is initiated and was pushed forward by Minister Matai Seremiah who instrumented the introduction of breeding centers around the country purposely to allow farmers access to improved livestock breeds.

The two Ministers have been very active lately and the combined partnership and continuous productive relationship within the Tourism, Trades and Agriculture sector is fostering a rapid growth of economical empowerment directly to rural areas, something that has not been witnessed in Vanuatu for quite a long time.

Political observers do agree that the partnership between Matai Seremiah from LPV and Joe Natuman from VP, along with their dedicated and hardworking directors and staffs has dramatically been synchronized with Government work plans and for the first time turned both Ministries around in providing services directly to the people.

(Source: Alain Simeon)