New Caledonia Referendum

Australia congratulates the people of New Caledonia on their historic act of self-determination on 4 November 2018 and recognises the important choice they have made to remain a part of France.

The Australian Foreign Minister, Marise Payne acknowledges the efforts of both the French Government and the New Caledonian parties to ensure New Caledonians could have their say.

Minister Payne “welcomes the reports of the orderly conduct of the referendum.”

“The referendum marks an important moment for New Caledonia, and for the region. In the last 30 years, New Caledonians have worked together to build their country in this region we share. Australia has supported the Accord process since 1988, including provisions for self-determination.” says Payne.

Australia provides assurance “that as New Caledonians enter the next phase of their history, will remain a steadfast friend and partner of both New Caledonia and France.”

Minister Payne recognizes that “New Caledonia is an important economic, trade and diplomatic actor in its own right in the region, including as a full member of the Pacific Islands Forum and it looks forward to continuing working with New Caledonia to increase its integration with the Pacific region.”

“Australia values its close relationship with France in the Pacific and beyond.”

Payne stated “Australia welcomes France’s commitment to the Pacific and its significant contribution to regional security and prosperity.”