Kevin Situ: The New Life with Manaro

Residents of Lowainasasa have returned home after the Vanuatu Government evacuated the whole island for fear of a major volcanic explosion after the Manaro Volcano eruptions alert level was raised to 4.

The neighbouring areas around Lombaha, residents have all returned and it is a new experience, living with an active volcano.

Kevin Situ from Lowainasasa says “it is something new, living with ash falling everyday and seeing smoke in the hills”

“The children know something different is happening and we are talking to them about what is happening”

“when we look up now, we can see the smoke from the volcano which is something new to a all of us here in Lombaha”

“We are learning to keep our waters safe from the falling ash and water has become more significant than before as we are surrounded with clean water but it is quite different now as we are more protective of the water”

Situ confirms that “pigs ate all the taro and manioc in the gardens and the chickens even climbed the banana stamps to eat the banana whilst we were away”

Kevin Situ concludes “the next steps in our life’s was chosen by nature and we are entering a whole new life with Manaro and it is a challenge which we must take and we are very happy to be back on our island.”