NEW RELEASE: NAIO releasing ‘Turn It On’ this Weekend

Popular reggae sensational, the Naio band, to release its 10th reggae album ‘Turn It On’ this weekend 14th October 2017 in Port Vila, before heading to New Caledonia next weekend.

The launching coincides with the the annual live music show ‘Kikim Aot NCD Music Concert’ to be staged at Port Vila Municipal Stadium featuring Kros Rod band, The Monument Singers, Paul Wari, Alme System and many other local artists.

It is expected that fans around Port Vila will turn up for the cause to combat Non-Communicable Diseases, spread the message and kick the disease out tomorrow night.

‘Turn it on’ speaks about how the band has explored and experienced diversions, pitfalls to turn their dreams and hopes back on, profoundly keeping it on course and alive.

Recorded by Mangrove Studio in New Caledonia in collaboration with Tropik Zound Studio in Port Vila, the album features 10 tracks of mixed ska, funky, classic and one drop from ‘Manples’ to ‘TC Pam’, ‘Tolan’, ‘Reggae Music’, ‘Turn It On’, ‘Thank You Lord’, ‘My Cry’, ‘Misikmisik’, ‘Climate Change’, to ‘Smolsmol Man’.

The band members are Barrett Jimmy (bass), Downie Jimmy (Keyboard – Solo), Troy Loyson Dovo (Keyboard – Rhythm), Dodon Maki (Additional keyboard), Frank Bearsly Charlie (Guitars), George Peter (Guitars), Raii Carlton & Joseph Okao (Drums), Titus JP Simon (Lead Vocals), Ricky Rusty (Ragga), Simcha Boe (Singer), JB Noumeta (Additional keyboards).

Additional studio sessions musicians on the Climate Change song includes Saka Bangalulu Sarabera (Acoustic guitars), Rodriques Tabi (Funk rhythm guitars), Michel Patunvanu Misu (Additional organs), Simon Belinger (Saxophone).

‘Manples’ is a song about politics and corruption, the injustice, true lies invested in our societies today, but our cultures and traditions, our custom practices and values remain as covered in ‘Tolan’ and Misikmisik, despite the recent devastating TC Pam, our local traditional knowledge still remains, ‘Thank You Lord’ we are alive today, despite our politicians not hearing our ‘Smolsmol Man’s’ ‘My Cry’, our island crowns are our rich values and our identity.

Naio simply means feathers crafted as crown usually worn by locals in Vanuatu in a custom ceremony and as revealed in the album cover, ‘The Island Crown’ depicting the traditional and melanesian value of the people.