New Zealand Air Force: Ambae is becoming more dangerous

An aerial survey of Ambae island by the New Zealand Air Force has found the Monaro volcano is showing strong signs of an impending eruption.

A P-K2 Orion aircraft has been taking photos of Monaro and the rumbling twin volcanoes on Ambrym, as Vanuatu’s Disaster Management officers continue to evacuate its 10,000 residents to safety.

Acting Air Component Commander, Group Captain Nick Olney says the situation on Ambae is becoming more dangerous.

Group Captain Nick Olney continued that “the Volcano is very active with visible ash cloud, the crater is erupting and lave plumes”

“the evacuations of the people on Ambae is quite critical at the moment” he says

“We have good imagery including¬†infrared imagery imagery which the scientist will use to determine what is to come in the next few day’s”