New Zealand navy delivering 1000 bras to ‘Mamas Laef’

New Zealand navy are delivering 1000 pairs of bras to ‘Mamas Laef’ team in Vanuatu for distribution with their washable sanitary pads.

The Mamas Laef are a group of Ni-Vanuatu women based in Pango Village, Port Vila, Vanuatu with the objective of Women empowering Women through activities such as producing Washable Sanitary Pads.

The pad are seen as an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products, claim to have at least a 3 year life span if cared for properly, and these kits will pay for themselves within approximately 4 months.

They are purposely designed for women, by women and made in Vanuatu by women and supported by Lav Kokonas Ltd and Days for Girls from New Zealand.

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