NISCOL Uses Dividends to Fund Chiefs 850,000VT Trip To Port Vila

NISCHOL has been the financier of the trip taken by some chiefs from around the country to come to Vila and take part in a traditional peace ceremony last week.

The much talked about trip by the Chiefs whose MP’s were involved in the bribery case was approved in a meeting by the Sanma Provincial Council. Membes present during the meeting were Hon. Councilor Malon William, Hon. Councilor Silas Rocroc, Hon COuncilor Calixto Cevuard, and Hon Joel Paul.

Four agendas were proposed in the meeting including the Sanma Province Chiefs request for 850,000VT to fund the Sanma Province trip to Port Vila.

The Council approved the request which was signed by 50 chiefs from Sanma Province, and also decided that the amount will be advanced from the 30% dividend for this year 2015.

The amount was to be receipted to the Sanma Provincial Government Council. The SPGC however paid for the fares for all other chiefs from the other Islands as well.